Fix your house now, don't pay until it sells.

We've been buying and rehabbing up houses since 2005. Let us fix yours so you can sell it for the maximum possible price. There is no out of pocket cost to you and we only get paid once your house sells.

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David Hochhaus

Hi, I'm David

When I bought my first house in Waco, TX in 2005, I knew next to nothing about fixing houes. Now, twelve years and about 20 houses later I've seen just about every kind of house problem (ok let's be honest, there are always new ones). Giant bee hive in the wall? Seen it. Shifted foundations caused the pipes to break? Yeah, been there too.

The one thing I've learned is that if you put a top quality house on the market, you can command top dollar. Contact me so I can help do that for you.

Sell your house for double the price. Let us fix it up now, you don't pay until it sells.